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We Manufacture Nightmares


The FEAR FACTORY…an abandoned industrial building in a now defunct industrial park. This once flourishing park was at one time home to some of the largest pharmaceutical giants in the industry. Formulating lethal “cocktails" for the government as well as the private sector… performing experiments on animals and humans alike. The park, as well as this building, were closed by the government in the late 50’s from the pressure and public outcry by the local townspeople reporting strange  goings on and unusual sightings. The local schoolchildren and hundreds of neighborhood pets simply continued to vanish.

“THE FEAR FACTORY”, so cleverly named by the local youngsters, holds many disturbing, dark secrets. Those unlucky enough to return spoke of a feeling of “stepping into another time” or “another dimension” upon entering the building.

The few remaining workers of this factory still alive will not speak of what they saw or what duties they performed inside the walls of this infamous structure. No one knows or is willing to say, exactly what was manufactured behind these walls…but one thing is for sure, today they manufacture nightmares!