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Closed for the 2015 season

Unfortunately we regretfully will not be scaring this season as un-repairable roof structure damage has resulted in a cancellation of our lease. We are well under way securing a new outside venue for the 2016 scare-season! We hopefully will be announcing information on a all new outside venue for the FEAR FACTORY SCREAMPARK! We hope to be following up here on our site as well as our FF Face Book page with information and updates so please check in regularly. Until than...stay scary my friends!  



Bathrooms & Food concession stand are on site

WE ARE 100% Indoors…we are open in all weather

Please dress accordingly…                           

The items below are absolutely prohibited

We have surveillance cameras and security monitoring all areas for your safety. If you feel a situation arising, please look for a member of our security team wearing a “staff” shirt & we’ll take  it  from there!

We are trying to provide you & your family a safe, friendly, scary entertainment  venue  & want you to enjoy yourself!  Rude, unruly or persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be escorted from the premises without a refund! NO EXCEPTIONS



This attraction utilizes fog, strobe lights, extreme darkness, pyrotechnics, claustrophobia, moving floors, light & startle effects. DO NOT ENTER if you have any type of:

Or you suffer from





Is it really scary?
Yes it is really scary…”this ain’t your daddy’s old haunted house”

What are the hours of operation?
We are open Friday and Saturday evenings from 6pm until midnight. Thursday's and Sunday's from 6pm until 9pm. However, on crowded evenings we may remain open later. Please refer to our "Schedule" page for exact dates and times.

What time do the lines start?
Well that depends…on Thursdays & Sundays the lines start to form right after opening. However, on our busiest nights, Fridays & Saturdays, lines can begin to form before we open the doors. On the upside, even while waiting, you’ll be fully entrenched in scares as our queue lines are fully themed and part of the attraction. Don’t be surprised if you even bump into a monster or two while waiting.

How long is the wait in line?
Again, that depends on the night you choose to tour our attractions. If you absolutely despise lines we suggest either coming on a Thursday or Sunday night or invest in a speed pass.

How long does it take to go through?
How fast can you run? The “through time” varies on several things. The amount of people waiting in line, amount of people in your particular group and, of course, how scared your group becomes. Generally though, each attraction, once entered, takes between 15-20 minutes.

Can I make a reservation?
Sorry…no. We scare on a first come, first scared basis. You can, however, buy your tickets online which eliminates the long ticket purchase lines.

What are the different prices?
Please see our admission fees on the ticket page.

Does The FEAR FACTORY offer group discounts? Yes, however tickets must be purchased in advance, all parties must be in attendance & you need to purchase a minimum of 12 tickets. Please see our ticket page for complete details.  

Does The FEAR FACTORY accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards, both online and at the ticket window. We also accept cash and we have an ATM machine located inside for your convenience.  Sorry…we do not accept checks or money orders of any kind.

Can I purchase my tickets in advance online?
Yes. Ticketing fees may apply. You will still need to have your online voucher scanned and redeemed at the express line which will allow you to bypass the long ticket purchase lines, but you’ll still need to wait in the queue lines.

Are you open in inclement weather?
Yes, our attractions, ticket lines, queue lines and concession area are all inside.

Do you use strobe lights?
Yes, there are occasional strobe lights in use. So those affected by this type of equipment should not enter.

Do you use smoke/fog?
Yes, there are areas of smoke/ fog in use throughout the haunt. While we utilize the finest pharmaceutical grade smoke/fog products, if you think this will affect you, do not enter.

Can we wear Halloween costumes?
No, unfortunately these masks & costumes can be tripping hazards & may obscure vision.

Can I go in if I’m pregnant?
Because of the nature & intensity of our haunt, we would highly recommend against entering.

If I purchase my tickets online do I need to use them that same day?
No, in fact, your tickets are good for any night we’re open that season.

Is there any way to avoid the long lines?
Yes, buy a speed pass. This will allow you to enter the attraction's private “Speed Pass” line which takes you right to the front of line…just like any VIP.

Are the monsters allowed to touch you?
No, however, they do get up and personal with you. Their costume may bump or brush up against you…that is to be expected. Please do not touch or threaten the monsters…after all you wanted to be truly scared and they're just trying to do their job. 

Can we re-use our tickets?
No, the tickets are good for a “once through” visit. We do, however, offer a “second trip” pass for a substantial discount.

Are there any restrictions?
Yes, and unfortunately, we need to actually list them here. Absolutely NO firearms, weapons, drugs, alcohol, smoking, lighters, laser pointers, flashlights, cameras, phones, running, pushing, foul language, drunk or disorderly behavior. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone who we feel poses a threat to the enjoyment or wellbeing of the other patrons. We want this attraction to be for ALL to enjoy…from families to senior citizens. Please respect others. While there are no age restrictions, the staff of The FEAR FACTORY does not recommend our haunt to those under 10 years of age due to the intensity of our haunt. Please see our “admission/tickets” page for complete details.

Are there any refunds?
We’ll try and make this clear so there is no misunderstanding. NO, NO and NO! Whether you ask for an early exit due to the intensity of the haunt or are told to leave because of drunken or disorderly conduct, there are NO REFUNDS!

Do you have security?
Absolutely. We employee numerous off-duty police officers and on busy nights you may see one or two uniformed officers. We also have high resolution infrared security cameras in use throughout the attractions. We take the security & enjoyment of our customers very seriously.

Where can I get discount coupons?
Our coupons are located at numerous stores and shops throughout our area. Look for our coupons at any of our sponsors on the first page and please support our sponsors.  Occasionally, you will have a chance to win free coupons on the various radio stations we work with.

When are the coupons good for? 
Our coupon discounts vary. Please read them carefully for complete details.

Is it dark?
Yes, there are areas that are a complete blackout. However, the majority of the haunt has theatrical low level lighting.

Are these attractions rides?
No. you do not ride on or in anything. These are “walk through” attractions…where runnin’ shoes!

Is it a maze?
No, while there are areas of the haunt that disorient you and have some maze-like features, you will be walking through various scenes and sets.

Does this haunt offer your “money back” if you make it ‘til the end?
No…although rumored, no such haunt exists!

Do you have bathrooms?
Yes, we provide clean facilities.

Do you have a concession area.
Yes, we have a great concession area where you can chow down on all your carnival / fall favorites. You can also purchase some of our great souvenirs.

Are there any motels/hotels around your area?
Yes, there is a generous supply of motels and hotels for those wanting to stay overnight.

Is this haunt like some of the other “mom & pop” type haunts? 
NO! The FEAR FACTORY is a custom designed and built, one-of-a kind haunt attraction that will rival any you’ll see at any major theme park. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into this haunt to bring you the latest and greatest in set design, theming, animatronics and custom props not found anywhere else. Your senses will tell you have truly entered into a different realm. “This ain’t your daddy’s old haunt”.

Are your attractions the same every year?
No. We will undergo major scene & set design changes annually to keep things fresh…uh I mean decaying! We feel the huge annual investment will keep our “victims” enthused and returning year after year!

How old must you be to work @ The FEAR FACTORY?
Generally 18, but 16 with a signed parental consent form.

If I want to do a story on The FEAR FACTORY, how do I?
Contact us at or call 855-NJ-HAUNT.

Any other questions we didn’t cover?
Email us at or call 855-NJ-HAUNT.