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Closed for the 2015 season

Unfortunately we regretfully will not be scaring this season as un-repairable roof structure damage has resulted in a cancellation of our lease. We are well under way securing a new outside venue for the 2016 scare-season! We hopefully will be announcing information on a all new outside venue for the FEAR FACTORY SCREAMPARK! We hope to be following up here on our site as well as our FF Face Book page with information and updates so please check in regularly. Until than...stay scary my friends!  


Mayhem Manor

Mayhem Manor

Ed and Emma Mays built this once grand manor in the early 60’s, then known as the Mays Manor. Shortly after opening the manor, Ed built the truck stop & grill next door that he and Emma ran. This once bustling route took truckers and tourist alike to the shore. Once the manor became too small to handle all the visitors, Ed and his “boy’s” built cabins around the swamp for their “overnight guest”. A series of bad events changed things in this once quiet town…forever.

First, Ed, who was also the sheriff back then, was shot by a trucker and was forced to live out the remainder of his days in a wheelchair. Then, Emma mysteriously “lost” one infant after another while giving birth. The locals began to “speculate” that something wasn’t just quite right at the end of “Hilltop Road”. Unusual "sightings" were reported, tourist never making it to their final destination, coupled with sounds and screams that the locals will not talk about, began to earn the Manor it's reputation.

The once grand manor and respected family slipped into disrepair and obscurity. The locals nicknamed the Mays Manor, the “Mayhem Manor”. The sign hanging out front of the dilapidated manor still flashes “vacancy" , but no one dares to actually spend the night there. Do you think you are brave enough? Hmmm? Follow the winding path to the Manor…the Mays family is waiting! 


KILL GRILLE : Truck Stop and Cabin Rentals

Ed & Emma operated the “Mays Truck Stop & Grille”,  across the street from the Manor. Truckers and tourists alike would stop for fuel, repairs, a quick bite or occasionally to rest their weary eyes in one of the secluded swamp front cabins. Dozens who were last seen heading up Hilltop Drive have now gone missing. The townspeople will not speak of what they saw or heard other than to say “evil lurks there”…

Indeed it does! Its insidious reputation has earned it the nickname “Kill Grille Truck Stop”. The locals know all too well that something is not right with the Mays bunch and steer clear of Hilltop Road at all cost. The tourists, however, still curious non-believers, occasionally venture up that stretch of Hilltop Road.  Some curiosity seekers, others just foolish, naive tourist looking for some cheap grub and a place to rest their weary eyes. 

This swamp and these cabins have their own eyes…and they're watching you! You can smell the fear…and they can smell you…mmm. No one knows for sure what all has happened up there at the end of Hilltop because no one has returned but that hasn’t stopped the rumors from building over the years. So… are you curious, or just a foolish thrill-seeking tourist? You’ve been warned…the townspeople know and they won’t go.